Boiling Wells Tunnels Experiment (10/03/2015)

Inspired by Alvin Lucier’s work I am sitting in a room, I explored the natural hidden resonances inside the Boiling Wells tunnel in St Werburghs, Bristol. To do this I recorded some local people around the area talking about their relationship with tunnels, and played the recordings into the tunnel again and again, until the resonant frequencies of the tunnel reinforced themselves, and any semblance of speech was destroyed. What you then hear are the natural resonant frequencies of the tunnel articulated by speech.


The Urban Spunk Campaign (2016)

The Urban Spunk Campaign is a body and mind control experiment brought to you by Dr Strange and your sound guide Alexia. Originally broadcast through an internet sex chatroom from a prison cell at The Island in Bristol. The experiment was part of a 48 hour durational installation called The Room Is Open, which featured performances from various artists, writers, and creatives.